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Sharp Supersteam Oven - Cooling Revolution by SHARP's SuperSteam! Broil with H20!!
The SuperSteam Oven offers a unique combination of the healthiest ways to cook all in one oven: SuperSteam, Convection, Steam and Microwave. It cooks a wide variety of foods without compromising taste or appearance. SuperSteam technology actually browns and crisps foods while retaining moisture and natural flavors.
Sharp Microwave
Regular Price: $999.99
Ebisuya Price: $899.99
Panasonic EP30007KX
The EP30007KX Real Pro Ultra is a high-end massage recliner equipped with advanced quad-style massage technology. The EP30007KX is designed to achieve muscle relaxation and increase blood flow throughout the body. Using pressure sensor technology the EP30007 scans the users' body to create a tailored massage that the unit will remember for the future.
Panasonic Massage Chair
Regular Price: $5999
Ebisuya Price: $4999